Best Laser for Acne Scars NYC New York NY

For deeper or more serious acne scars, the Erbium Yag is best. The Sciton Erbium:Yag laser is used in the operating room under anesthesia as it treats the deepest layers of skin, and can achieve extraordinary results in appropriate patients. This laser can be used in darker skinned patients and produces outstanding results for acne scarring, fine or deeper skin wrinkles, enlarged pores, and irregular skin pigmentation. Healing afterwards is generally uneventful, consisting of what looks like a deep sunburn that is treated with topical lubricants for 7 to 10 days, at which time the skin is healed. Skin pinkness can persist for weeks, and is minimized by topical steroid crèmes. A thorough consultation with a board certified doctor is necessary to decide what laser skin resurfacing treatment plan is most suited to address your needs